Package Engineering

Making boxes might appear to be a simple process but when shipping jet engines or 20 foot long helicopter blades, the transportation container must be impeccably designed, inside and out.

Our team of design engineers works directly with clients to develop the exact specifications and drawings for custom packaging and containers. We can also work with your existing CAD files, modifying them as necessary.

All schematics are developed through two- and three-dimensional design software, such as AutoCAD and SOLIDWORKS.

Onsite Visits

We encourage our design engineers to visit customer’s facilities regularly so they can examine and assess the valuable parts and pieces in need of protective containers. For highly sensitive jobs, our engineers observe the construction process in the manufacturing shop to ensure maximum precision.

CNC Programming

We have the engineering talent and modern equipment to develop custom cut precision shapes and objects from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, metal and foam on our 4-head CNC router.


If you have a part to measure or a drawing to be scaled, we can make that happen with our state of the art digitizing system. We can digitally convert 2D and 3D input to a CAM program, which will produce a detailed CAD drawing. This process is ideal in foam fabrication, where we create single part, multi-part and kit cutouts from common foam materials.

We offer our digitizing services at our facility in Manchester, or, if you prefer, we can bring our mobile equipment to your shop to take quality measurements.