Since 1931, we have been the total packaging provider to some of New England’s largest aerospace and manufacturing companies, as well as businesses in capital equipment, automotive parts and construction.

At Champlin, we work tirelessly to cultivate strong relationships through our exceptional attention, unparalleled industry expertise and depth of resourcefulness.

Bottom line is we can put anything you make or assemble into a box that will keep it protected. We get you what you need, when you need it, so your parts and products can get safely and soundly to where they need to be.

Aerospace & Manufacturing

    For the aerospace and manufacturing industry, we have custom built industrial containers for extremely large items, such as jet engines, propellers, fans, landing gear and firearms.
    Because of our unique structure with multiple operations, we also can create unique packaging, storage options and fulfillment services for your small and large parts.

When the U.S. military is involved, we follow the strict specifications and standards set by the federal government.

We are certified as an ISPM 15-compliant WPM manufacturer through the American Lumber Standard Committee.

Connecticut Businesses

    We have also been known to stretch our design creativity to create unique packaging and material handling containers for specialty sports items, museum storage, capital equipment and so much more.

With two expansive facilities in Connecticut, we are committed to the future growth and success of the state. We are proud to be members of the Connecticut Business & Industry Association.

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